Law Offices of Fred Gordon, P.C.

Law Offices of Fred Gordon

Property Tax Appeal Services Throughout Michigan

Our law firm is dedicated to reducing the property tax burden carried by our clients. Our specialty is tax appeals. It’s all we do.

Fred Gordon has more than 40 years of experience as a real estate developer and tax attorney.  Mr. Gordon has litigated in the Michigan Tax Tribunal for decades, representing banks, developers, retailers, industrial properties and golf clubs. He is an acknowledged leader in the field of property tax litigation. 

Our clients have enjoyed tens of millions of dollars in tax refunds. Refunds distributed to clients in 2012 alone exceed $2.5 million. 

Tax appeal litigation requires a sophisticated knowledge of real estate, accounting, ad valorem property tax assessment, substantive law and legal procedure. Our attorneys and staff possess the experience and skill needed to successfully appeal the taxes of real property in Michigan.

The attorneys at Fred Gordon, PC have developed working relationships with the assessors in communities across the state. Settlements to reduce your taxes can often be reached quickly and with almost no cost. When litigation is required, we utilize the best appraisers in Michigan.

Send us your Notice of AssessmentIf the Notice is not available, send us the property address or the parcel identification number.  We will review the assessment and then discuss with you the potential for a tax reduction. This consultation is free.

We provide services on a contingency fee basis. Clients pay no legal fees unless a refund is received. Your only up-front cost is the State of Michigan filing fee which will range from $125 to $600, depending on the amount in controversy. In some cases, an appraisal is needed to achieve the maximum tax reduction. There are no further costs to the taxpayer.

Feel free to communicate with us via email or by giving us a call at (248) 546-7600.